2016: This is How We Date Now

We live in a world where the grass is always greener (it really is in California, lol), or in terms of dating: you’re just one swipe away from finding the love of your life.

P.S. How cute is this picture of my grandpa on a date?!

A few years ago, one of my best friends secretly made a Tinder profile and entered into the arena of swiping. We noticed she was coming home later and later on school (work) nights, and asked her what the deal was. She told us she was just at Starbucks with a “friend”…until midnight, LOL. You do you, gf! She finally told us what was going on once she got her heart broken by a guy she really, really liked. Of course, I was devastated for her and was like WTF is wrong with him?! They had gone on three super cute (and fun!) dates, she met his roommates, and then one day he just stopped texting her back. One text and that was it. One and done.


Even saying that word gives me anxiety. I cannot and will not ever understand how you could just stop talking to someone without an explanation. It just screams immaturity to me. To be honest, I’ve had moments with guys where it would be SO much easier to just stop responding, but I know how hurtful that’d be to them. Instead, I’ve taken the higher (and more challenging) road and explained that things just weren’t working out. As much as it sucks, I’ve never regretted telling them how I feel.

We live amongst a generation where a majority of people now meet through a computer/phone/iPad screen via a dating app.

Call me old fashioned, but I’m holding out hope that I’m going to meet a guy in a normal (non-electronic) setting. I’d rather have five years pass without a single date and meet the love of my life, than go one five dates a week with people I swiped right for.

It’s not that I absolutely hate the apps and think they are the worst thing ever; I know plenty of people who have met amazing boyfriends/girlfriends on them. In fact, some of my best friends are avid swipers. I just don’t agree with the culture behind it, nor do I think it’s the right option for me.

If the hook-up aspect of them could shift to one where you are genuinely looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend that you plan on hanging out with at 10AM on a Saturday morning instead of texting at 10PM for a booty call, I would for sure be in to it. But as of now, that just isn’t the case.

To all the guys (and girls) who will spend hours on a dating app today, please, please, PLEASE think about the other person’s heart, and be honest with them about how you feel.

^I sound like a total mom, lol. #24GoingOn54

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