You need YOU

When was the last time you spoke negatively about yourself to yourself? For me, it was less than 5 minutes ago.

Stephanie G. from Stupid Easy Paleo put it perfectly (and so eloquently, lol) “Stop talking shit about yourself.” Plain and simple.

If you had a friend who was applying for her dream job, you’d never say, “well, the other applicant has a way better resume, so you’re never going to get that job.” Or to a friend who has been working out a lot, “you’ve been working so hard at the gym, why don’t you have a 6-pack by now?”

If we wouldn’t say that to them, why is it suddenly okay for us to knock ourselves down?

Negative self-talk doesn’t improve any situation. Your friend who applied for her dream job isn’t going to magically get the job because you basically told her that her resume sucks. And she sure isn’t going to get a 6-pack because you told her that even though she’s been working out a ton, she’s a failure. In fact, research shows that this type of negativity actually keeps us stuck in a state of fear and we become paralyzed; unable to move forward to success.

Not only does self-talk does affect our jobs and fitness, the way we treat ourselves also spills out into so many other areas of life; a major one being our relationships. When we are constantly talking shit (sorry for cussing, mom and dad) about ourselves, it’s nearly impossible to tap into our worthiness and trust that other people actually do love + want to be around us.

When other people compliment us, it rolls right off our back. Or even worse, we counter it with shame, ex: “They’re just saying that to be nice. I’m really not ___________.”

Operating at this state of negativity keeps us at a distance from the ones we love. It’s incredibly difficult to build + foster relationships with people when you don’t even feel worthy enough to start with. You’re in a constant competition with yourself to prove to yourself that you’re worthy enough to receive their love. When in reality, all you have to do is flip the script. Start at worthiness and build from there.

You deserve all the love that this world has to offer. And the best part about it? You don’t need a boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, sister, brother, cat, dog, fish, or iguana to get it.

Love starts with you. And it starts today.


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