We Just Want To Be Seen

My friends always laugh at me because I hug them every five seconds. Please see picture above with me squeezing Bridget to death, haha.

The funny thing is that I haven’t always been this way.

Growing up, I was super independent and my parents often tell the story of my first day of pre-school when I didn’t even say goodbye as I ran off to class. “Mary the 3 year-old going on 30.”

I think it was after I left for college that I realized how much I really needed to be around my family and friends. I was so incredibly lonely and longed for that comfort of having people see me. Not just with their eyes, but with their heart (and a hug!).

Through that experience of loneliness, I realized that my love language is physically being near someone. Whether that be hugging them, scratching their back, squeezing their arm, or my sisters favorite, petting their hand, LOL. I’m a freak, I know.

I feel so connected + seen + heard + loved when I’m super close to other people. I don’t know what it is, but I just HAVE to be as close to them as physically possible (mostly minding their personal space) haha.

To some degree, I think we all need to be seen. Whether that’s through a congratulatory text on a job offer, a surprise dinner just because, a note tucked in our purse, or a hug after a loooooong day.

When we’re seen, it makes us feel like we’re safe; we’re accepted; we’re home.

I’ve been craving that warm, fuzzy feeling lately. And I can’t really put my finger on it.

I’m currently living at home, so I am constantly around my family who gets to experience (suffer) through my hugs on a daily basis. But I think I really just miss all of my girlfriends who have moved away for jobs, boyfriends, school, etc.

Whenever I’m around them, I feel filled to the brim with love.

Thought for the week: How do you feel seen in your life?

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