PNW Dreamin’

You know it’s going to be a great trip when you spontaneously grab drinks with a friend from high school, talk about wanting to travel to the PNW and then decide on the spot to book a flight to Oregon. #AdventuresWithMary here we go….

Kaley + I met bright and early at the airport (that 6:30AM flight life) and arrived in Portland only to find Kaley’s bag didn’t come with us…#oops. The nice man at the front desk thanked us for not freaking out on him because most people do. Note to self: never work at the front desk of an airline because you will cry when people yell at you.

Kaleigh picked us up, took us to an amazing smoothie bar, Kure and we were on our way to Seattle! All the feelz for Pike’s Place. That place has stolen my heart over and over again. The flowers, cookies the size of my head, the water…I love it all. We ate a quick lunch and hopped back into the car for our true destination: Vancouver. Plot twist!



Our Airbnb was so freaking cute. It was nestled behind a walk up in a super nice neighborhood, and the floors of the bathroom were heated…#goals. We explored the town and went to a taco place…in Canada (lol) which was trendy + actually seemed to be a cool place for people in their twenties.


Friday, we woke up at 10AM which was soooooo nice! I love when you’re not on any particular schedule and wake up whenever you feel like it. We had our heart set on hiking – even though it was pouring rain – and hit the trail. I could not stop staring at all the trees and was in absolute heaven. We made it to the top of the rock, only to realize that we couldn’t see a damn thing because of the fog. Lol. We made dinner at home, played HeadsUp, I spilled wine on the table runner and shrunk it in the washer…#yikes and dreamed of trees all night long…


Saturday, we walked around downtown Vancouver and drove to Whistler. That drive is top 5 of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen…(sorry, New Zealand!). In the evening, we went to this amazing Christmas market, Enchant Christmas, and let me tell you, that place was LIT. More lights than I’ve ever seen in my life. If you’re ever in Vancouver during Christmas time, it’s a must-do.


Sunday, we said goodbye to Canada and made our way back to Portland. Kaleigh drove like a maniac through the rain and I made them listen to the My Favorite Murder podcast, so I think we were expecting this to be our last day of life? Regardless, we made it safe and sound and I slept like a tiny baby that night.

Kaley + I dropped Kaleigh (forgot to mention there are two Kal- in this story) and spent the day exploring Portland + the surrounding areas. Wow. I never knew rain could make a city so dang beautiful.



We drove to Mulnomah Falls and I think I stared at the water for a solid 5 minutes (see picture above). So much green. So much water. So much beauty. We continued our drive to Hood River and stopped at the cute shops on Oak Street. Shoutout to Twiggs for being my favorite store ever. We ate giant cookies at a cute coffee shop (because treats, always!) and then drove back to Portland to pick up Kaleigh from work. She dropped us off at the airport, and just like that, we were back to San Diego.

Weekends like these remind me how lucky I am to know such incredible people. While we all went different paths after high school, when we come together, nothing ever changes. For that, I am so grateful.

PNW, we’ll be back ♥

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